• Complete Solutions Design


    Clinical neuropsychiatry diagnostic EEG system
  • Complete Solutions Design


    TMS neuronavigation solution with integrated EMG
  • Complete Solutions Design


    High-density EEG solution for neuroscience

Complete Solutions Design

eemagine GmbH has more than twelve years of experience with the design of innovative medical product solutions. We are a strong partner in all phases from the concept and prototypes down to industrialization and production. Our in-house fabrication as part of the design process is most valuable whenever significant results are expected in a very limited time.

eemagine’s strength is in the integration of all product components early in the design, prototyping and implementation phase. We can cope with your challenges in electronics, drivers, application software, housing and other mechanical parts and provide quality solutions!

eemagine grafik complete solutions

eemagine has partnerships with high-ranking German research institutes for specific R&D-heavy work packages that require a scientific approach. We are able to integrate scientific innovations in a professional product swiftly and cost-effectively.