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    Advanced Source Analysis in EEG and MEG research
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    Clinical EEG review with 3D mapping
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    Solutions for cognitive science
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    Clinical neuropsychiatry diagnostic EEG system
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    3D electrode digitization and head-shape tracking

Application Software Development

Application software development

Clinical users of application software care for one thing the most – intelligent and reliable solutions adequately addressing their relevant problems and tasks. How to accomplish this? It’s workflows, workflows, workflows … Complete and well-structured user guidance is indispensable for finding your way in a modern feature-rich application.

eemagine GmbH has successfully managed a number of clinical and research application development projects. Our project management provides reliable planning dates and comes with a cost model that minimizes investment risks. We communicate all technical details with your engineering team along with the implementation and milestone deliveries. Our careful planning and transparent project management are your success factors in a timely product release!

If your intended software product is to provide more than just basic services, then workflow design and solid software architecture will bring order into the maze of sketches, GUI drawings, use case diagrams and feature lists.

We develop in the MS-Windows .NET framework and integrate standard components wherever possible. We have been through migration of large C++ code projects. We are able to incorporate DICOM, SQL and XML data management and feel at home with real-time hardware communication. Firmware development for microcontroller and FPGA architecture are tackled typically in combination with hardware development projects.